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Quality Assurance

As a dedicated supplier of household and personal care consumer products, MPM are committed to delivering good quality goods safely and responsibly fit for their purpose. We work closely with long term suppliers of our raw materials and packaging, each delivery accompanied with a certificate of conformity to ensure consistently high quality of products supplied

Independent microbiology tests are carried out on all products by a BSI/UKAS accredited laboratory, which also provide product safety assessments in accordance with Commission Directive 2003/15/EC. As part of our internal quality management system we continually audit our operations including checking our regulatory compliance, risk assessments (HACCP), safety audits and training. All products are traceable through date of manufacture and each product information file contains:

  • Certificate of Formulation
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Quality Standards and Methods of Quality Control
  • Safety Assessments
  • Material Safety Data Sheets

Our laboratory testing covers the following areas:

  • Quality Control
  • Raw Materials
  • Finished product
  • Research & Development
  • Preservative Efficacy/Challenge Testing